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Welcome to Computers For Good

IT Tech Support Experts in Austin, TX, with over 24 years of experience.

When you hire us to fix your computer, we donate 20% to your cause.

Take a look at the computer services we offer, choose what you need and we’ll help you out.

You can also use our computer services as a fundraiser for your cause, organization or trip!

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You have come to the right place to receive help for your computer problems! We’ve been providing IT tech support throughout Central Texas – Austin, Lakeway, Steiner Ranch, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, San Antonio and Houston.

Malware Removal

Is your computer popping up tons of random websites? Do google searches take you to a completely unrelated site? Does a program you’ve never seen before tell you of 10,349 infections and ask for your credit card? If so, chances are good that your computer is infected with malware, adware, a virus, Trojan or rootkit.

All that sounds scary, but don’t worry! Contact us today and we’ll get your computer cleaned of all of the nastiness so you can have peace of mind.

Protect My Data

Your data is the most valuable (and often irreplaceable) thing that you have, but often overlooked. Don’t risk losing precious photos of your kids, years of financial data, all of your music, videos, e-mail and contacts. Making sure your data is safely backed up away from your computer is a lot easier (and cheaper) than trying to recover data after the fact (which rarely works). Have peace of mind knowing that your data is safely backed up and protected against your hard drive failing, a house fire, or theft. Remember that having your data backup located near your computer isn’t really a backup at all.

You never know when you might lose your data, so don’t delay! Contact us now and let us help you get your data backed up. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind.

Make My Computer Faster

Is your computer running slowly? Do you have lots of out-of-date programs installed leaving you vulnerable to security holes? A computer tune-up will get your computer performing as good as it can and make sure you are running the latest, most secure versions of the programs that you use!

Teach Me

Are you tired of being frustrated by not knowing how to easily accomplish what you need to in the programs that you’re using? We can help!

Let us know what you want to learn and we’ll show you how to do it. If you want, we’ll even create a cheat sheet that you can print out and keep handy for when you need a quick refresher course.


To solve your technology issues while supporting causes you value.


Computers For Good is built upon the following principals:

To provide you with excellent service for all of your technical needs (without this the other two points don’t matter!)
To provide simple, profitable fundraising and support for charities and causes (at no cost to them)
To provide good paying jobs to people with schedules that prevent them from having a “normal” job (college students, single parents, etc)


Erick has been solving computer problems for 24 years. When Erick was young he learned to be really good at fixing computers because he was good at breaking his own. Realizing he had a skill that people needed, he started his own business fixing computers. When he first began, his mom had to drive him to his clients’ homes because he was just 15 years old!

He has a passion for helping others and has personally refurbished and donated well over a hundred computers to charities as well as set up multiple computer labs for them.

Some causes that are close to Erick’s heart are Rancho 3M Orphanage, A Glimmer of Hope, Adventures in Missions and Campus Renewal Ministries.


Funding for Charity Cause or Trip

That’s great – we would love to help! 20% of the service fee from clients you refer to us will be donated to you or your designated charity!

Contact us today and we’ll add you to the list our clients can choose to support. Then e-mail our site to your friends, post on facebook, share on twitter and receive 20% of the services they purchase to go towards your cause!


We want to solve your technology issues – just call or text us at 512-261-5800 or fill out the form below and we will contact you!

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